6mm 10 Tooth Pinion Pulley


This 10 tooth, XL (⅕”) pitch timing pulley has a 6mm bore so that it can be mounted on to a 6mm round or 6mm D-profile shaft. The 10-32 set-screw will tighten down on the shaft to provide a snug hold and keep the pulley from rotating independently of the shaft it’s mounted to. The 0.4” inside width provides space for a ⅜” belt-width and the set-screw nests down inside the teeth so that it does not interfere with the belt. The pulley flanges are crimped on and will keep your belt from walking if your pulleys are not aligned properly.

This pinion pulley uses a 3/32” Hex Key (sold separately).



ID 6mm
Material Aluminum
Shaft Mount Style 10-32 Set Screw
Max Timing Belt Width 0.375" (3/8)
Tooth Count 10
Weight 0.22 oz (6.2g)

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