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6mm D-Bore to 1/4" Round Bore Stainless Steel Worm

  • D-Bore
  • Round bore
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The 6mm D-Bore Worm is machined from stainless steel for excellent strength and durability. This worm has a 6mm D-bore on one half and a 1/4" round bore on the other half. The combo bore allows you to slide this worm onto a gear motor with a 6mm D-shaft and then support the far end of the worm with a short length of 1/4" D-shaft which would then get supported with a 1/4" ball bearing. It is intended to be used with the 27 tooth worm gear to create a 27:1 gear reduction while changing the orientation of the output shaft 90 degrees. Whether you're looking to achieve extremely slow and precise movements or hoping to increase the torque of your motor, a worm drive setup is an excellent option.


615466 Schematic

Product Weight 0.59 oz (16.8 g)
Material Stainless Steel
Bore D-Bore and Round Bore

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