6mm to 8mm HD Clamping Shaft Coupler


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.

Consider This Alternative:

While this alternative has a 6mm D-bore rather than a 6mm round bore, it is balance, strong, and a great fit for most applications. If you need a round 6mm bore, consider 4000-0006-0008.

4006-0008-1006 - 4006 Series Hyper Coupler (8mm Round Bore to 6mm D-Bore)
8mm Round Bore to 6mm D-Bore Hyper Coupler

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This 6mm to 8mm coupler is a heavy duty solution to coupling a 6mm shaft to an 8mm shaft. The 6mm bore works well with both 6mm round and 6mm D-profile shafting. The 8mm side can be used on 8mm round or D-shafting or can be installed on an 8mm lead screw.



Bore 6mm to 8mm
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
Weight 0.96 oz (27g)

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