8mm REX™ Shaft with E-Clip (Stainless Steel, 112mm Length)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This feature-rich 112mm length shaft rocks an 8mm REX™ profile: a combination of an 8mm Round and a 7mm hEX profile. The round profile gives you the ability to run this shaft in 8mm round bore bearings (though we do offer a plethora of 8mm REX™ bore bearings and pillow blocks). The hex profile, meanwhile, provides the positive drive your project deserves. Threaded ends allow you to use these shafts as conventional standoffs, create dead axles, and fasten items to their ends with ease.

The included E-clip can serve as a built-in end-stop due to its collar-like capabilities. The shaft measures a convenient 4mm from the short end of the shaft to the far side of the clip so that selecting the right shaft length doesn’t leave you deep in the decimals. The 3.3mm of shaft protruding beyond the E-clip is enough to seat the shaft in a bearing when you're running that bearing from the inside of 1120 Series U-Channel. If you’d like to use the shaft without the E-clip, don’t worry: it’s easy to remove and re-install according to your project needs.



Weight 35g
Material Stainless Steel
Length 112mm

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