90° Dual Side Mount B (2 pack)

SKU: Build System: Actobotics
$5.99 / 2 Pack $2.40 / 2 Pack
(You save $3.59)

The 90 degree Dual Side Mount B brackets allow you to easily attach the ¼ scale Servo Plate A to the end or top of the Actobotics Channel.  The brackets have (4) 6-32 tapped holes; 2 to mount the servo plate to the bracket and 2 to mount the bracket to the channel.  When the 90 degree dual side mounts are used in conjunction with the ¼ scale servo plate A, it perfectly aligns the spline of a Hitec ¼ scale servo with the ½” bore of the channel.



Material Aluminum
Weight 0.08 oz (2.4g) each

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