Ball Bearing Carriage for 1121 Series Low-Side U-Channel


This Ball Bearing Carriage is purpose-built to ride on 1121 Series Low-Side U-Channel.  The carriage is suspended by eight ball bearings to provide excellent stability with a super low coefficient of friction.  The plates have numerous unused holes which can be used to connect your drive-style of choice.  Use a single carriage or run them on each side of your project with a crossbar to create a large gantry system!

Kit Contents:

SKU Qty Name
1121-0002-0072 1 1121 Series Low-Side U-Channel (2 Hole, 72mm Length)
1600-0410-0004 4 1600 Series Non-Flanged Ball Bearing (4mm ID x 10mm OD, 4mm Thickness) - 2 Pack
2800-0004-0014 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 14mm Length) - 25 Pack
2800-0004-0018 1 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 18mm Length) - 25 Pack
2801-0004-0008 1 2801 Series Zinc Plated Steel Washer (4mm ID x 8mm OD) - 25 Pack
2807-0407-0250 1 2807 Series Stainless Steel Shim (4mm ID x 7mm OD, 0.25mm Thickness) - 12 Pack
2812-0004-0007 1 2812 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Nylon-Insert Locknut (M4 x 0.7mm, 7mm Hex) - 25 Pack
3705-0001-0001 1 Carriage Bracket for 3210-0001-0005 (1-1) - 2 Pack


Weight 76g

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