Now Carries goBILDA!

Posted by Jason Jaeger on Jul 29th 2021

We are incredibly excited to announce that we have added goBILDA to the product lineup on!

goBILDA is a metric, grid-based build system designed by the same robot-crazy engineers who brought you Actobotics! It is the next evolution in robotics, rapid prototyping, and everything in-between!

So what makes goBILDA so special?

The Pattern!
At the core of the pattern is an 8mm grid of 4mm holes. Every part, large and small, possesses this same grid pattern for 100% compatibility.

It's Scalable!
The patented pattern is infused in every part giving it unprecedented scalability - enabling you to build anything from a small desktop robot to the desk it is on. Build in every direction on projects large and small - it all just works.

It's Metric!
Building entirely in metric means using clean and easy to use numbers; no conversions, fractions or infinitesimally small dimensions to remember during the build process! Everything, from channel to chain to screws, it's all metric.

The Quality!
Component material and manufacturing processes are selected on a part-by-part basis. Every part is designed and manufactured to be used and abused for years to come.

The Motion!
goBILDA comes packed with a suite of motion components. From gears to pulleys, to sprockets and more, you will have the parts you need to get your project moving!

Parts on the site will earn one of two badges - goBILDA or Actobotics. These badges, will guide you quickly and easily to the parts you need! If you find yourself intermingling goBILDA and Actobotics, we support your wild and free style with  adaptors!

We are excited to see what you'll do with this awesome new build system!

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