DDT500 Tilt Kit

The DDT500 Direct Drive Tilt System is a compact overhead style tilt system for a standard size servo.  While the tilt system doesn't increase the torque of the servo being used, it does greatly increase the rigidity and isolates the load from the servo so it can operate more smoothly and efficiently.  The side opposing the servo output spline is supported using a 1/4" aluminum shaft running inside a 1/4" ball bearing so that the load gets dispersed evenly between the two sides.  The base of the DDT500 has the .770" Actobotics hub pattern so that it can be attached to nearly any other Actobotics component using 6-32 screws.  The top of the tilt has various 1/4" thru holes so that a camera or sensor can be attached easily.  The 1/4" thick ABS framework is easily drilled if the item you intend to attach doesn't align properly with the supplied mounting holes.  We offer the kit in 2 different versions, one compatible with 24T servos and one compatible with 25T spline servos; be sure that your tilt system has the same tooth count as the tilt system you select.  For cameras up to 1 lb, the HS-645MG or the HS-485HB servos work very well. For cameras up to 2 lbs, we suggest the HS-5685MH. Unit comes unassembled with full instructions.

Servo and hub not included.

DDT500 Top Plate Schematic    


Maximum Payload 2 lbs
Weight 3.25 oz (0.20 lbs)
Servo Spline Compatibility H25T or C24T
Servo Size Compatibility Standard size servos
Servo Included No

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