Digital Manual Speed Controller


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The Digital Manual Speed Controller is a simple and affordable way to precisely control gearmotors and linear actuators. It provides proportional forward and reverse control from the 5K potentiometer input. This controller is protected from reverse voltage, over voltage, over temperature and over current. The advanced technology implemented into the Digital Manual Speed Controller offers extremely fine low speed and bi-directional control while maximizing the available torque of the motor. The controller accepts 6-16V DC, can handle a maximum of 10A continuous. It has a small footprint of just 2.4” x 2.4”, and weighs just over 4 ounces. The Digital Manual Speed Controller is perfect for pan and tilts, time-lapse rigs, camera sliders or any application which requires fluid, bi-directional control of a DC motor.



Channels Yes
Max PWM Signal Range (Default) 1000 µsec - 2000 µsec
Motor Type Brushed DC
Weight 4.8 oz
Control Input Digital PWM Signal
Input Voltage Range 6 - 16V
Input Signal Voltage Range 3.3 - 5V
Max Current per Channel (Continuous) 10A
Max Current per Channel (Peak) 30A

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