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C1 Spline Actobotics Dual Servo Arm

  • countersunk holes
  • shown mounted on a <a href="/servos/hitec-servos">Hitec servo </a>
  • shown mounted on a <a href="/servos/hitec-servos">Hitec servo </a> and <a href="/motion-components/linkages/ball-linkages">ball linkages</a>
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The Actobotics Dual Servo Arm is broached to fit on any Hitec servo with a standard 24 tooth (C1) spline using your stock servo screw.  The horn is machined from 1/4" thick aluminum and contains six 6-32 tapped holes equally spaced 0.385" from one-another.  These holes are counterbored from the underneath side (spline side) of the horn so that a socket head screw can be threaded in from the bottom up and tighten down, leaving the head of the fastener completely concealed within the part.  This setup is desired when used with a ball linkage to minimize slop.  Alternatively, a screw can be threaded in from the top if you have an application that requires a mating component to be hard-mounted and you want to minimize the pieces of hardware used.  



Product Weight 0.20 oz
Material Aluminum
Spline Size 24 Tooth (C1) Spline

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