Electronic PWM Controlled Dual Relay (12A)


DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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Switch two relays on and off with an R/C system or servo controller! Normally open and normally closed solder points are provided for each relay. You can drive two independent motors, contactors or pneumatic/hydraulic solenoids. Plus a simple wiring configuration also converts this to a mechanical H-bridge which is perfect for running a single linear actuator or motor in both forward/off/reverse. When used with one of our actuators, optional inputs from limit switches permit you to arrest motion in either direction. The silver cadmium oxide relay contacts offer you a maximum motor/coil load of 12 amps at 30 VDC (inductive). Fault detection safely switches off both relays if receiver signal is lost. Complete instruction manual found here.

Uses a PWM signal to control SPDT relays.



Weight 1.4 oz
Max Voltage 30VDC
Throw Persistence Momentary
Switch Style PWM

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