Flanged Stainless Steel Shaft for REV Motion Pattern (8mm REX™, 29mm Length)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This 8mm REX™ profile shaft is for those of you FTC Teams that wish to fasten an 8mm REX™ shaft to the REV motion pattern, such as found on their REV Ultraplanetary Gearbox.  This steel output shaft gives you that extra bit of beef so you can use the Ultraplanetary in heavy duty applications without fear of a shaft failure.  The 29mm length, when paired with the REV Ultraplanetary Mount, yields 24mm of shaft protruding past the mounting face to match up with the 24mm shaft length of the goBILDA Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors.  



Weight 14g
Material Stainless Steel

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