1310 Series Hyper Hub (8mm REX™ Bore)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This 8mm REX™ bore Hyper Hub is one beefy solution to fastening a component to an 8mm REX™ shaft.  By nature, since it’s a Hyper Hub, it’s balanced for high speed applications.  The internal bore matches that of 8mm REX™ shafting so that a positive drive is created, but we went ahead and added pinch bolts for a little extra reassurance.  The pinch bolts constrict the hub down onto the shaft for a no-slip connection between the shaft and the hub.  Due to the added length of the Hyper Hub, when compared to other hub styles, this is the preferred design for handling high torque loads.  As with all Hyper Couplers, this coupler is balanced so that it can be used in high-speed applications without introducing vibrations.


Made for 8mm REX™ Shafting
This hub allows you to mount components to an 8mm REX™ shaft. A "REX™" shaft is part Round and part Hex. An 8mm REX™ shaft is 7mm flat-to-flat, like 7mm hex shafts. The difference is, that the tips are precision ground to an 8mm diameter allowing it to fit in an 8mm bearing. The bore of this hub has enough clearance in the corners to accept most 7mm hex shafts.

Part of a Large Ecosystem of Parts
The goBILDA® ecosystem has many parts that bolt directly to this hub. That includes wheels, gears, sprockets, track sprockets, timing pulleys, round belt pulleys, winch pulleys, control arms, and more!

High-Speed Design - Completely Balanced
The innovative Hyper Hub design is perfectly balanced. It will not introduce vibrations into your build, even in high-speed applications.

High-Torque Design
The generous amount of shaft contact paired with the positive drive provided by the REX profile allows this hub to be used in high-torque applications.

Will Not Get Stuck or Marr Shaft
Our Hyper Hub design (patents pending) holds incredibly tight to the shaft without damaging it. When it is time to disassemble, it readily releases its grip on the shaft.

Precisely Machined
This hub is machined for high-precision fitment.

Will Not Corrode or Rust
The body of this hub is aluminum, and the pinch bolts are zinc-plated steel. 

Lightweight & Strong
Aluminum has an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, allowing this hub to be both light and strong.



Weight 23g
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
IP Patents Pending

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