Gear Drive Pan Kit for 37mm Spur Gear Motor

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This Gear Drive Pan Kit includes all the parts necessary to build a compact gear driven pan system for a 37mm OD spur gear motor (gear motor not included). The kit is compatible with our Standard Spur and Precision Spur Gear Motors. The pan system utilizes a 100 tooth, MOD 0.8 hub gear, which is mated to the included 20 tooth 6mm bore pinion gear to create a 5:1 underdrive setup. The ratio slows the speed of the motor while increasing the low-speed characteristics and torque. The gear mesh is fully adjustable, as the output shaft of a spur type gear motor is offset from the center of the gearbox. Simply loosen the pinch bolt on the clamping motor mount and rotate the gear motor to the desired position and re-clamp. The 100 tooth spur gear has been selected so that any pinion gear from 15 to 30 tooth can be used and mesh properly given the center-to-center distance adjustment you can perform by rotating the motor within the motor mount. The 32mm hollow aluminum shaft is supported by two 32mm ball bearings to allow for a solid and robust base on top of which you can mount a camera, prop, display or gadget. The hollow shaft allows wires to pass through the center of the pan system for a clean setup. The hollow shaft can also be used to pass a smaller shaft through the center to support a stationary platform above the rotating assembly. An arm can then be attached to the rotating assembly to allow your camera to orbit the subject to create a unique effect! The plate at the base of the pan system has several unused holes that allow you to easily mount the system to a flat surface—or, you can mount the system to a tripod using a 1/4"-20 threaded screw plate (not included) that attaches in the center of the base plate.


Motor Included No
Weight 483g (17.03 oz)
Motor Compatibility Standard Spur Gear Motors & Precision Spur Gear Motors

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