Low Voltage Cutoff Switch

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

It's important to protect your LiPo batteries from being drained below 3V/cell and our Low Voltage Cutoff Switch does just that.  This switch has 3 modes; 1S, 2S or 3S and it simply passes the voltage on from the battery to the load (motor controller, ESC, servo controller, light, etc.) until the battery meets the cutoff voltage. 

Whether you are powering a microcomputer like a Raspberry Pi, a microcontroller like an Arduino or an RC vehicle, our Low Voltage Cutoff Switch takes away one of the main challenges of working with LiPo batteries.

Tech Tips:

When the cutoff voltage is reached and the switch is opened, the only current draw for your entire project will be an incredibly low 1‑5mA which is used to monitor the battery voltage.

LiPo Voltage Range Reference Chart
 Cells (in Series) Cutoff Voltage Nominal Peak
1S 3v 3.7v 4.2v
2S 6v 7.4v 8.4v
3S 9v 11.1v 12.6v


Weight 0.28 oz (8.0g)
Max Voltage 15V
Max Current (Peak) 15A @ 3V | 20A @ 6V | 20A @ 9V
Max Current (Continuous) 10A @ 3V | 15A @ 6V | 15A @ 9V
Current Drain (ON) 3mA @ 3V | 8mA @ 6V | 15mA @ 9V
Current Drain (OFF) 1mA @ 3V | 2.5mA @ 6V | 5mA @ 9V

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