Mini V-Wheels (2 pack)

SKU: Build System: Actobotics
$6.99 / 2 Pack

Mini V-Wheels are the more compact alternative to the standard V-Wheels.  Like the V-Wheels, these too are constructed of high-density acetal plastic for low rolling resistance and excellent wear characteristics.  The Minis however are turned down to a smaller size to create more compact linear motion assemblies - and with fewer parts.  Whereas the Standard V-Wheels sometimes require an additional bracket to properly space them from the rail they run on, the Mini V-Wheels are able to mount on the Actobotics 1.5" pattern which can be found on nearly any Actobotics part.  Use Mini V-Wheel Standoffs if you're installing the wheels onto a part with thru-holes (such as channel) or use Mini V-Wheel Spacers if you're installing onto a part with threaded holes (such as a pattern mount).  Mini V-Wheels are sold in packs of two, each comes with a pair of pressed-in 5mm ID ball bearings to get you up and rolling!



Material Acetal
Weight 0.04 oz (1.2g) each

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