Polycarbonate Clamping Collar (8mm REX™ Bore) - 4 Pack

SKU: Build System: goBILDA
$4.99 / 4 Pack

Lightweight and balanced, this 8mm REX™ Bore Polycarbonate Clamping Collar provides a low-cost, non-marring solution for component constraint on 8mm REX™ shafts and standoffs. The built-in shim allows you to run it directly against a bearing without binding the inner race, and the hex capture nuts allow you to install it with only one tool.

Thanks to a two-piece construction that allows this collar to come apart, you can go all the way into the depths of your robot and adjust the shaft-collar attachment without dealing with any of the other components on the shaft!

This 4 Pack includes four collars.



Weight 9.9g Each with Hardware
Material Polycarbonate Plastic

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