Rhino Wheels

Heavy duty Rhino Wheels have a thick, solid core that is wrapped in a 5mm thick band of rubber in order to provide excellent traction. These wheels are best for smooth surfaces that do not rely on the rubber to conform drastically in order to maximize the contact patch.

Rhino Wheels - 14mm Bore

The 14mm bore is surrounded by the 16mm pattern so that these wheels can mount up using any of our standard 16mm pattern hubs. Choose between High-Durability (70A Durometer) or High-Traction (30A Durometer) rubber.

Rhino Wheels - 32mm Bore

The 32mm bore can be used with 32mm OD tubing, goTUBE and other setups that require a large bore for a pass-thru. These wheels have High-Durability (70A Durometer) rubber that tends to focus on the heavier loads that come about in larger builds.

Thin Rhino Wheels - 14mm Bore

Thin Rhino Wheels are only 16mm wide - half the width of standard Rhino Wheels. They are flush on one side and still have a strong 8mm thick core.

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