TT Right Angle Gear Motor (48:1 Ratio, 230RPM)


These gear motors are an inexpensive way to put your project in motion! The required voltage is 4.5-6V with a no load current of 190mA. The output shaft is 9mm long and the gearbox ratio is 48:1 with a wheel speed of 230 RPM (unloaded). These are the motors used on our popular Runt Rover Robot Kit series. Use with our 2.55" or 3.10" press-fit robot wheels.


Output Shaft Style Double Flats
Motor Type Brushed DC
Gear Material Plastic
Wire Length 12"
Weight 1.02 oz (29g)
Wire Gauge 26awg
Voltage (Nominal) 6VDC
No-Load Speed @ 6VDC 230RPM
No-Load Current @ 6VDC 190mA
Stall Current @ 6VDC 250mA
Stall Torque @ 6VDC 11.11 oz-in (0.8 kg-cm)
Gearbox Style Face Gear / Straight Cut Spur
Connector Type Male Header Pin
Gear Ratio 48:1

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