Servo Gear Set for 2000 Series 'Super Speed' Servo


Whether you need to resuscitate a servo that has suffered damage to the internal gears, or you want the peace of mind provided by backup parts, having a replacement gear set on hand will help you keep your servo up-and-running!

This Replacement Gear Set is for the Super Speed ratio of goBILDA® Servo. (The ratio is noted via either a Torque, Speed, or Super Speed designation.) Please note that you cannot swap out a goBILDA® servo’s gears for any ratio that’s different than the ratio it came with, as each ratio has a different pinion gear pressed into the motor shaft, and the pinion gear is NOT included in replacement gear sets.

This Replacement Gear Set is also specific to 2000 Series goBILDA® Servos that have “BKJ” molded into the top. Before purchasing this Servo Gear Set, check the top of the case of the servo you're repairing. If your servo has “BKJ” molded into the top, you've come to the right place! If your servo has “V3.0” molded into the top, then check out the other Replacement Gear Set for this ratio (SKU: 2310-2000-0304).


Servo Compatibility 2000-0025-0004, 2000-0025-0504

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