Standard Duty Worm Drive Pan Kit (24:1 Ratio)


This gearbox utilizes a 24:1 ratio worm-drive reduction for applications that require extremely slow and smooth rotational motion. The worm-drive design not only minimizes backlash but also eliminates back-driving the gearmotor so a position can be held even when power is not applied. The 8mm REX stainless steel output shaft is supported by dual ball bearings to support a load from any orientation. The acetal and aluminum structure provides a rigid framework without adding unnecessary weight and is easily mounted to any flat surface by utilizing the base mounting tabs. This gearbox is perfect for turn-tables, time-lapse systems and low-speed applications that require high precision and torque.

Motor RPM required = 1 / (minutes per rotation desired / 24)
Example: 1 / (10 minutes per rotation / 24) = 2.4 RPM motor needed to achieve 10 minutes per rotation (at max speed)

This pan kit utilizes a goBILDA hub on the output shaft. See for a large offering of compatible components.


Weight 9.3oz (0.58 lb)
Payload 20 lb

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