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Sub-Micro Gripper Kit

  • Shown attached to a standoff and beam
  • Grippers open
  • Grippers closed
  • Shown mounted to channel
  • Pictured attached to the end of an aluminum beam
  • Kit comes unassembled without a servo
  • Pictured attached to the end of an aluminum beam holding a pen
  • Shown with a quarter for scale
  • Shown with a quarter for scale
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The Sub-Micro Gripper Kit is a simple solution for projects requiring small grippers. The kit is easy to assemble and requires only a Phillips screw driver. Compatible with our HS-55 or HS-5055MG servos. The 6-32 mounting thru-hole allows for easy attachment to various components including our Actobotics® line. Servo not included.


Product Weight 0.17 oz (no servo)
Servo Spline Compatibility 15T Sub-Micro (A1) Spline
Servo Size Compatibility Hitec HS-55 and HS-5055MG servos
Servo Included No

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