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X-Rail Surface Adaptor Bracket (2 pack)

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The X-Rail Surface Adaptor Bracket allows you to attach an Actobotics part with threaded holes to the side of an X-Rail.  This part has slotted thru-holes that align with both the 0.770" pattern as well as the side of the 1.5" pattern (measuring 1.061").  When the bracket is fastened to the attaching part, the 6-32 screw heads will fit down inside the X-Rail slot so that the surface adaptor bracket can sit flush against the side of the X-Rail.  The bracket then fastens using the outer pair of holes to the X-rail using (2) Single X-Rail Mounts and (2) 6-32 x 1/4" length screws. 



Product Weight 0.35 oz
Material Steel
Finish Zinc Plated

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