XT30 Power Distribution Board (XT90 Input, 8 x XT30 Outputs)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This Power Distribution Board (PDB) delivers power throughout your build! Just plug a power source into its XT90 input. It’ll distribute that source’s voltage across nine XT30 outputs, including one conveniently positioned on the side to daisy-chain with other on-pattern electrical components. And thanks to thru-holes on the goBILDA® 32mm square pattern, this PDB is extensively mountable to almost anything in the goBILDA® system!



Weight 37g (1.3oz)
Max Current (Peak) 60A Per XT30 Connector (Up to 180A Total)
Max Current (Continuous) 30A Per XT30 Connector (Up to 90A Total)

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