Zip Runt Rover™


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Meet the Zip Kit...the latest Runt Rover™ to join the group. The Zip includes all the components needed to build a zippy little line-following robot making it great for getting started in robotics and programming. This plug and play kit includes an Arduino compatible board and commented sketch that users can modify to adjust the performance. It easily snaps together, the only tool required is a small slot headed screwdriver for the screw terminals. This kit is powered with a 9V battery (included). Check out the wiring diagram & the code, and watch the instructional video for assembly guidance, and an explanation of the code!

Included Parts:

(1) 2.55" Press Fit Wheels (Pair) 595648
(2) 140 RPM Pre-wired Right Angle Gear Motor 638336
(1) QTR-1RC Reflectance Sensors
(1) Dual Motor Driver Shield for Arduino
(1) Arduino Uno R3 compatible development board
(1) USB Cable
(1) 9V Battery
(1) 9V Battery Connector
(2) Green Male to Female Jumper Wire
(1) White Male to Female Jumper Wire
(1) Red Male to Female Jumper Wire
(1) Red Female to Female Jumper Wire
(1) Grey Male to Female Jumper Wire
(1) 4 Pin Female Stackable Header Row 
(4) ABS Chassis

Tech Tips:

Note: The latest version of the QTRSensors library is not backwards compatible with the provided sample sketch which was created for this kit. To use that sketch you will need to install a previous version of the library. Fortunately, this is easy to do. To install it, go to Tools > Manage Libraries in the Arduino IDE. Then search for QTRSensors and install version 3.1.0.


Weight 0.50 lbs (7.9 oz)
Tire Size 2.55” press-fit rubber wheels

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