1313 Series Hyper Hub (8mm REX Bore)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

The 8mm REX Bore Hyper Hub is a heavy duty, balanced, clamping solution to fastening onto an 8mm REX Shaft. The dual pinch-bolts put a mega-hold on the shaft and the extended length of the hub offers excellent surface contact with the shaft. The REX profile matches a 8mm REX shaft so that a positive drive is created and there’s essentially no chance of slipping. As with all Hyper Hubs, this hub is balanced so that it can be used in high-speed applications without introducing vibrations.

In addition to the standard threaded holes on the 16mm square pattern, the 1313 Series of Hyper Hubs also has shouldered arms which provide four additional holes on the 32mm square pattern. This provides even more support for those larger builds. The shoulders have a 32mm diameter allowing the hub to nestle into parts which have a 32mm hole for a compact, low moment-arm setup



Weight 31g
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
IP Patents Pending

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