2315 Series, Steel Miter Gear (MOD 1.25, Set-Screw, 6mm D-Bore, 30 Tooth)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This 6mm D-Bore Miter Gear is able to mate with any other 2315 Series Miter Gear. A miter gear is a specific type of bevel gear. Two mating miter gears create a 1:1 ratio, and transmit power at a 90 degree angle due to the 45 degree pitch cone angle. The underneath side of this gear has been dished out to allow a thrust bearing to set the location of the gear (relative to the inside wall of an 1120 Series U-Channel) and counteract the potential spreading forces in the most extreme applications. Additionally, the 32mm shelf on the back will allow a 32mm diameter component, such as goRAIL, goTUBE or a Sonic Hub to nest down in the cavity and fasten with M4 socket head screws.



Weight 24g
Material Steel
Finish Black Zinc-Plated
Pressure Angle 20°

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