2317 Series MOD 0.8 Steel Miter Gear (Set-Screw, 5mm Round Bore, 24 Tooth)


Miter gears are a specific type of a bevel gear that create a 1:1 ratio at 90° due to their 45° pitch cone angle. Though we also offer the larger 2315 Series Miter Gears, 2317 Series Miter Gears are sized for more intricate applications that benefit from compactness and lesser rotating mass!

This 5mm Round Bore Miter Gear is compatible with 5mm round and 5mm D-shaft alike. It’s able to mesh with any other 2317 Series Miter Gear, regardless of the mating gear’s bore size. Simply space the back of each miter gear 20mm from the center of the shaft driving the other miter gear, and make sure their shafts are at 90° to each other.



Weight 16g
Material Steel
Finish Black Zinc-Plated
Pressure Angle 20°

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