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36mm Bore Bottom Tapped Clamping Mount

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This 36mm Bottom Tapped Clamping Mount is intended to mount a 36mm diameter gear motor to the Actobotics® 1.50” pattern (measuring 1.061”). The tapped holes allow you to easily mount this part to channel using 6-32 x 5/16” screws. The height from base to center is 0.75” in order to remain on the standard 0.75” hole spacing found throughout the Actobotics build system. This dimension allows 32 pitch gears with a collective tooth count of 96 teeth (spur + pinion = 96) to mesh properly on a spacing of 1.5”.

The 36mm bore matches the OD of several commonly used planetary gearboxes.  Within the First Tech Challenge, both the AndyMark Orbital 20 Gearmotor and the REV Robotics HD Hex Gearmotor have a gearbox with this diameter. We do offer a ‘face style’ motor mount for these gear motors if you find a different mounting style to be more suitable for your build.


555202 Schematic

Product Weight 0.38oz (11g)
Material Aluminum
Bore 36mm
Hole Pattern Compatibility 1.50"

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