4007 Series Hyper Coupler (1/4" Round Bore to 6mm D-Bore)


This 1/4“ Round Bore to 6mm D-Bore Hyper Coupler is a strong, compact, balanced way to couple two shafts together. It’s an excellent way to transfer motion from an imperial 1/4 “ round diameter shaft to a metric 6mm D-profile shaft—which is helpful, for example, when you’re integrating a NEMA 23 Stepper Motor into a project utilizing the metric goBILDA® build system.

The diameter and profile have been thoughtfully chosen so that you can install and access screws on the goBILDA® 16mm square pattern with a hex key after installing the coupler. The length, meanwhile, allows for the coupler to slide in between the end of the shaft and the inside wall of 1120 Series U-Channel when a motor with a 24mm length shaft is installed perpendicular to the U-Channel. And as with all “Hyper” components, this coupler is balanced to facilitate smooth motion!


Material Aluminum
Weight 16g
Finish Clear Anodized
IP Patented

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