6mm Lead Screw Keyhole Nut for Open X-Rail

SKU: Build System: Actobotics

DISCONTINUED This product has been discontinued.


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This Lead Screw nut is shaped like a skeleton key in order to index inside of Open X-Rail to create a compact linear actuator!  The threaded barrel allows you to install the Actuator Piston Tube (12" Length, 3/8" OD) on the leading end.  The protrusion is just beyond flush with the side of the Open X-Rail to limit rotational motion while also allowing a convenient spot to fasten a trigger or sensor onto to assist in setting travel limits.  As the lead screw rotates, it will cause linear motion of the tube, in and out of the Open X-Rail. 



Material Brass
Weight 0.18 oz (5.2g)
Number of Starts 6

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