HS-788HB Channel Slider Kit

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The HS-788HB Channel Slider Kit provides an excellent way to create linear motion using a rotational servo. The unique Hitec HS-788HB servo (included in the kit) can rotate multiple turns while retaining positioning feedback which makes it perfect for this type of application. The XL timing belt and XL pulleys offer a reliable way to transfer the rotation of the servo into a smooth linear motion down the 24” channel backbone. Total usable travel is approximately 19.25” and the rate of travel is .47” / second when running operating on 6V. Whether you’re building an R2D2 replica, a pick-and-place machine or a telescoping arm this kit may be just what you need to put your project in motion. The framework is constructed entirely of Actobotics components which means connecting additional components to it will be a breeze.

Signal information: The HS-788HB servo rotates approximately 1.7 degrees/microsecond change in signal. To achieve full travel, a signal range from approximately 820-2180usec will be required (each HS-788HB servo responds to a signal slightly differently so you may need to fine-tune this range in order to achieve full travel without hitting the stops at the ends). On a standard RC transmitter and receiver (assuming a 1050-1950usec range) the slider will travel approximately 12.75”.  

This product ships in kit form and requires assembly.  For details on the assembly process, check out the assembly videos.

NOTE: This Slider Kit has been updated to use the HS-788HB servo in place of the HS-785HB. The HS788HB functions identical to the previously used HS-785HB but has the more widely used H25T output spline.


Servo Spline H25T
Weight 1.4 lbs
Servo Included Yes
Travel Length 19.25"
PWM Range to Achieve Full Travel 820-2180usec

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