Lightweight Linear Servos


A Linear Servo is a linear actuator which has servo-style position control. Just send it a PWM signal (exactly like you would a servo) from an RC receiver, Arduino etc. Keep your project clean & simple - no external motor controller/ESC is needed!

Hitec HLS12 Series

Hitec's HLS12 series of linear servos are very similar in form-factor to the Actuonix L12-R linear servos. However, the added programmability and various mounting brackets provide some great added functionality.

Actuonix L12-R Series

The Actuonix L12-R Linear Servos are the originals in lightweight linear servos. They're tried and trued, have a non-programmable digital circuit and are offered in a variety of ratios and lengths.

Actuonix L16-R Series

The Actuonix L16-R Linear Servos are the big brothers to the L12-R models. This lineup is larger in size to accommodate the larger motor and increased thrust that's able to be generated.

Retracted Length Center to Center
Extended Length Center to Center

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