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Raised Perpendicular X-Rail Mount

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The Raised Perpendicular X-Rail Mount provides a way to attach two X-Rails together perpendicular to one-another.  The four holes evenly spaced around the 1/2" center hole are intended to allow 6-32 socket head screws to pass through and into the threaded holes on the end of an X-Rail.  The remaining outer holes are spaced on the side of the 1.5" hub pattern (measuring 1.061" apart) so that they properly align with a Dual X-Rail Mount or two Single X-Rail Mounts to fasten a second X-Rail to the bracket in a perpendicular orientation.  The slightly increased height (as compared to the Flush Perpendicular X-Rail Mount) offers access to the hollow bore of the X-Rail if you wish to run wires through the center bore.



Product Weight 0.20 oz
Material Aluminum
Hole Pattern 0.770" and 1.50"

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