Synthetic Cable (1mm Diameter, 5 meter Length)


This synthetic cable only measures 1mm in diameter, but it's capable of holding up to 45kg! Wind it around a spool to create a winch, connect it to a flap on an r/c airplane, attach it to an animatronic skeleton's phalanges, or tie to a robot's grappling hook—just to name a few use-cases.

The cable has very little memory, which means you can wind it tight, kink it, or run it around a corner without worrying about it holding that shape in the future.

Tech Tips

Tying a knot can reduce a line’s weight-bearing capacity. When you tie a knot, you create stress concentrations that can weaken the line and make it more prone to breaking.

The reduction in line strength is inversely proportional to the knot’s “knot strength,” which is a knot’s ability to preserve line strength. (This is also known as “knot efficiency.”) The Palomar knot and the Uni knot, for example, are known for their high knot strength, which provides a lower chance of line breakage than knots of weaker knot strength.


Weight 3.6g

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