1143 Series Mini Low-Side U-Channel (14 Hole, 360mm Length)


This 14 Hole, 360mm Length Mini Low-Side U-Channel brings a compact core structure to your build. Its minimized footprint allows for strong small-scale construction utilizing its goBILDA® 16mm pattern holes. You can attach standoffs, spacers, block mounts, beams, and more—including motors!

Why goBILDA® Channel?

No matter the Series, goBILDA® channel always brings excellent benefits to your build!

  • Built-in pattern holes—no machine shop required
  • Designed for ball-bearing-based builds
  • Lightweight but strong aluminum construction—won’t rot or rust
  • Intuitive and reusable—perfect for rapid prototyping
  • A core component in the ever-growing goBILDA® build system



Weight 97g
Material Aluminum
Finish Clear Anodized
IP Patented

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