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23 RPM HD Premium Planetary Gear Motor w/Encoder

  • 12 PPR magnetic encoder
  • Compatible with our 6mm bore Pinion Gears
  • Compatible with our 6mm bore Set Screw and Clamping Hubs
  • The encoder has a 6-pin JST connector
  • Use with Planetary Mount B (threaded) or Planetary Mount C (thru-hole)
  • Shown with Motor Mount E
  • To enhance the resolution,  the encoder is attached to the motor before the gearbox
  • Shown with the 32mm Bore Clamping Motor Mount
  • Compatible with 6mm pinion gears
  • Shown mounted to the end of a 1” aluminum tube using a 1” Tube Clamp and Planetary Motor Mount
  • Shown mounted to a wheel
  • Shown with a 6mm to 1/4” Shaft Coupler
  • Shown mounted in channel with Planetary Mount C (thru-hole) and a Large Square Screw Plate
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To enhance the resolution, the encoder is attached to the motor before the gearbox.

Gear train damage can occur if stalled (locked).

*At Nominal Voltage

Voltage (Nominal) 12V
Voltage Range (Recommended) 6V - 12V
Speed (No Load)* 23 rpm
Current (No Load)* 0.54A
Current (Stall)* 20A
Torque (Stall)* 4166.2 oz-in (300 kgf-cm)
Gear Ratio 368.763:1
Gear Material brass primary, nylon secondary, steel tertiary
Gearbox Style Planetary
Motor Type DC
Motor Brush Type Graphite
Output Shaft Diameter 6mm (0.236”)
Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Output Shaft Support Dual Ball Bearings
Electrical Connection PH Series JST 6-pin Connector (2mm Pitch)
Operating Temperature -10°C ~ +60°C
Mounting Screw Size M3 x 0.5mm
Product Weight 380g (13.4oz)
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 12
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 4,425.156
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 48
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 17,700.624
Encoder Type Relative, Quadrature
Encoder Sensor Type Magnetic (Hall Effect)
Encoder Sensor Input Voltage Range 2.4 - 26V
Encoder Sensor Output Pulse Amplitude ~= Sensor Input Voltage

The pulse amplitude of the encoder’s output square wave signal is dependent on the voltage you supply the sensor.  For example, if you provide 5V to Sensor Voltage +, then Channels A & B will have a pulse amplitude of 5V.

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