2303 Series Steel, MOD 0.8 Pinion Gear (6mm D-Bore, 30 Tooth)


This 30 tooth 6mm D-bore pinion gear perfectly matches our 6mm D-shafting to create a positive drive.  This particular gear is able to be meshed with a 90 tooth hub gear spaced 48mm away for a 3:1 ratio, or, it can mate to another 30 tooth gear to create a very compact 1:1 ratio only 24mm apart!  If your build provides the freedom to adjust the spacing between your gears, it’s able to mesh to any MOD 0.8 gear that suits your fancy.  Notice the counterbore on the top side of the gear - this allows you to run right up against a 6mm bearing without the use of a shim!



Weight 21g
Material Steel
Finish Black Zinc-Plated
Tooth Count 30
Gear Pitch MOD 0.8
Pressure Angle 20 Degree

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