2904 Series Hole Reducer (1/4" ID x 14mm OD) - 2 Pack

SKU: Build System: goBILDA
$1.99 / 2 Pack

This 14mm to ¼” hole reducer allows you to integrate components that use imperial hardware with goBILDA.  For example, much of the camera market is based around ¼-20 hardware, from tripods to suction cups to camera mounts and plates.  These reducers can be used individually on the reverse side of the item that you’re attaching so that, when the ¼-20 bolt that passes through is tightened down, it sandwiches the channel or component that it is resting within.  Alternatively, they can be used in pairs, one on each side, in situations where the item that you’re attaching doesn’t provide adequate surface area to create that ‘sandwich’.  Given the adaptors have a 1mm protrusion, two can be used on a channel, leaving 0.5mm between the surfaces so that they can provide excellent clamping force when the screw passing through is tightened.



Weight 2.2g Each
Material Steel
Finish Zinc-Plated

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