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0.375" x 0.280" Servo Shafts

  • Patented
  • shown mounted inside <a href="/structural-components/channel/standard-channel">standard channel</a> attached to a shaft and <a href="/770-clamping-hubs">clamping hub</a>
  • Use the 0.280” version to attach a <a href=/servos/servo-accessories/servo-attachments/couplers"clamping shaft coupler</a> directly over the shaft.
  • non-spline side
  • 525146 shown mounted on a standard <a href="/servos/futaba-servos">Futaba</a> servo
  • 525144 mounted on a <a href="/servos/hitec-servos">Hitec servo </a>
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0.375" x 0.280" Servo Shaft
0.375" x 0.280" Servo Shaft
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This 0.375" OD, 0.280" length Servo Shaft may be small but it becomes extremely useful when used in conjunction with a clamping shaft coupler.  The 3/8" OD of this servo shaft allows you to slide a 3/8" clamping shaft coupler on and clamp down to create a servo to shaft coupler.  The other side of the clamping shaft coupler can be any size you wish to use so that you can attach the shaft diameter of your choice to a servo.  The combination of the clamping coupler and this servo shaft will make one of the most solid and versitile servo to shaft couplers available.  This servo shaft is offered with the 24 Tooth (C1) Spline or 25 Tooth (3F/H25T) Spline which means they're compatible with most servo brands on the market.  Patented.


0.375" x 0.280" Servo Shaft

Material Aluminum
Servo Spline Compatibility 24 Tooth (C1) Spline or 25 Tooth (3F/H25T) Spline

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