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  • Can your servo handle this?!

    Can your servo handle this?!

    Posted on: March 23, 2017

    ServoBlocks™ are hands-down a ServoCity favorite and for a good reason.  Check out their strength as we put them to the test with over 20lbs on them!

  • Comparing Threaded Rod and Lead Screws

    Comparing Threaded Rod and Lead Screws

    Posted on: March 1, 2017

    In this Tech Tip Jason clarifies the differences between two very similar looking products - Threaded Rods and Lead Screws.

  • Servo Torque Illustration

    Servo Torque Illustration

    Posted on: February 23, 2017

    Jason does a little demonstration to help illustrate servo torque in action!

  • 4 Methods for Driving Linear Motion

    4 Methods for Driving Linear Motion

    Posted on: February 17, 2017

    This past year we've released a number of linear motion components helpful in designing your projects.  We've also received lots of questions, so we decided to do a two part series on it.  So, sit back, relax, grab a bag of popcorn because Kyle and Jason break down some common methods for driving linear motion. 

  • Omni Wheels

    Omni Wheels

    Posted on: January 9, 2017

    We are excited to roll out our new Omni Wheels! Omni wheels have the unique ability to not only roll forward but they also can roll side to side thanks to their built-in rollers

  • So Long Slipping! Sayonara Stuck Shafts! Hello D-Hubs!

    So Long Slipping! Sayonara Stuck Shafts! Hello D-Hubs!

    Posted on: October 20, 2016

    As an engineer at Robotzone my job is to design innovative parts. The innovation many times stems from frustration with parts that are currently available on the market – either the available parts won’t allow users to build something a certain way or the available parts can be a weak link or point of failure. That's why we are excited to launch the new D-hubs into the ever-growing line of Actobotics® parts!

  • Building a Powered Wheel for a Robot

    Building a Powered Wheel for a Robot

    Posted on: June 15, 2016

    This project centers on the ServoCity 4” heavy duty wheel.  I wanted an easy way of mounting a gear motor to the 4” wheel.  Along the way, I decided to add 4 different clocked positions so the motor can be attached allowing several different ratios with the same motor.

  • Stairclimbing Robot Challange

    Stairclimbing Robot Challange

    Posted on: June 14, 2016

    About six weeks ago we partnered with SparkFun to launch the SparkFun-Actobotics Stairclimbing Robot Challenge. We invited you to show off your robotic skills and win some pretty hefty prizes from SparkFun. Needless to say we weren’t disappointed!

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