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FTC Competition Kit

  • <a href="/structural-components/standoffs-spacers/standoffs">Standoffs</a> can be used structurally to space surfaces off from  one-another, as a support or even as an axle for a bearing.
  • “<a href="/structural-components/beams/aluminum-beams">Beam</a> me up, Scotty!”  - Captain Kirk
  • Strong and simple! Rubber traction rings on wheels grip well on most surfaces
  • <a href="/motion-components/rotary-motion/bearings-bushings/ball-bearings/flanged-ball-bearings-sae">Bearings</a> fit in any 1/2”  hole to assist in transferring  power to wheels, arms,  linkages, etc.
  • Overlapping patterns and large center holes provide endless building options. .09” wall thickness ensures strength and rigidity.
  • Constructed of 7075 aluminum for unparalleled strength and excellent wear characteristics. Multiple sizes to create the perfect ratio
  • Large surface area containing the Actobotics pattern for mounting sensors, controllers, servos and other components. Able to be cut, bent, shaped to fit your  one-off robot!
  • Universal <a href="/servos/servo-accessories/servo-wiring/extensions">servo extensions and  Y-Harnesses</a> work  with any brand servo.
  • <a href="/mini-channel-bundle">Mini Channel</a> - great when used with our Aluminum Beams. Continued .770” hub pattern in a smaller sized frame.
  • <a href="/hs-485hb-servo">HS-485HB</a> - One of the most popular standard size servos.  <a href="/hs-785hb-servo">HS-785HB</a> - Multi-turn large servo with positioning feedback.
  • Choose any combination of <a href="/motors-actuators/gear-motors/standard-duty-gear-motors/neverest-gear-motors">motors</a> you wish - 20:1, 40:1, 60:1
  • Don’t let chafed wires take you out of the competition-use the <a href="/plastic-locking-grommet">grommets</a> to cleanly wire up your winning robot!
  • Use the <a href="/motion-components/rotary-motion/bearings-bushings/pillow-blocks/x-pillow-blocks">pillow blocks</a> as part of a ServoBlock or to mount a bearing to a flat surface. Bearing included!
  • Use <a href="/shafting-tubing/collars">collars</a> to hold shafting in place and fine-tune spacing.
  • Connect a gear, sprocket, pulley or arm to a rotational shaft using the proper bore <a href="/770-set-screw-hubs">set screw hub</a>
  • Choose any combination of <a href="/motors-actuators/gear-motors/standard-duty-gear-motors/neverest-gear-motors">motors</a> you wish - 20:1, 40:1, 60:1
  • <a href="/structural-components/pattern-brackets">Flat Pattern Brackets</a> - Rounded edges provide clearance when used as a rotational arm.
  • Whoa! Hundreds of 6-32 socket head fasteners of various lengths!
  •  <a href="/structural-components/pattern-brackets">90° brackets</a> can be used as gussets or part of an arm assembly
  • Kit includes all necessary parts to build a team favorite- <a href="/servos/servoblocks">ServoBlocks</a>™ for each servo. Takes any side-load off the servo spline and provides numerous mounting options!
  • Various lengths of <a href="/0-250-1-4-stainless-steel-d-shafting">1/4” D-Shafting</a> to create your drive system!
  • <a href="/motors-actuators/gear-motors/motor-accessories/motor-mounts">Motor mounts</a> compatible with the included NeveRest motors
  • <a href="/servos/servo-accessories/servo-mounts">Servo Mounts</a> to build ServoBlocks™ or to mount inside channel
  • Assemble your robot with these two <a href="/hardware/tools">allen key</a> sizes.
  • Various <a href="/hub-spacers">spacer</a> sizes included in the kit. Use them as a spacer, route wires through them, drop a bearing in and create a roller, or even use them with 1” hubs and bearings (not included in kit) as an axle!
  • Use <a href="/shafting-and-tubing-spacers">spacers</a> to hold shafting in place and fine-tune spacing.
  • 3000mAh fuse protected <a href="/matrix-12v-3000mah-nimh-battery">NiCD battery</a> and Tenergy’s  current-selectable <a href="/tenergy-universal-smart-charger">Smart Charger</a>
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Introducing the all new FTC Competition Kit! This compilation includes over 1,100 of the best FTC approved parts to set your team up for a successful year of competing. The kit includes a variety of structural components from the versatile Actobotics Channel down to the mini channel and aluminum beams for those space limited areas within your robot. In addition to the popular Hitec HS-485HB servos, you’ll receive two of the multi-turn HS-785HB servos which are great for winch mechanisms and applications that require extreme torque. We’ve even selected AndyMark® NeveRest motors to be included in the kit since they’re known to be the best FTC approved motors available. Rather than us selecting the ratio, we’ve provided you the freedom to choose any combination you want. To transfer power from these premier servos and motors you’ll receive gears, mounts, horns, hubs and shafting. Get ready to ‘roll’ to competition with this kit as it comes with precise stainless ball bearings.

We know your team is ready to start modeling your robot so we’ve created a zip file containing STEP files of each part included in the kit. Just download the complete library below! For your convenience, we also accept school purchase orders from approved applicants.  Be sure to apply for your team discount in order to receive this already discounted kit, for an additional money off!



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