goBILDA Classic Clamping Hubs

16mm Pattern (Threaded)

Clamping hubs provide a non-marring solution for fastening parts onto an axle or shaft.  When the M4 pinch bolt is tightened, it locks on the shaft ensuring your rotating components do not move or come loose.  The 14mm protrusion on one of the faces offers a centering mechanism for mating components which have a 14mm bore

32mm Pattern (Threaded)

These 32mm Pattern Clamping Hubs allow you to fasten parts with thru-holes onto your project using four M4 screws.  The clamping mechanism provides a tight hold on tubes, shafts, motors and items with a matching OD.

32mm Pattern (Threaded, Imperial Bores)

32mm Pattern (Thru-Hole)

Thru-hole hubs are handy for situations where you need to run the fastener into a threaded hole on a mating part. They are also useful when you have multiple items that need to be fastened together and the hub is not the furthest component from the head of the screw.

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