Servo-Driven Base Pan Kit

The Servo-Driven Base Pan Kit is a direct drive pan base where the servo is enclosed inside an ABS tube for a clean and finished appearance. The complete kit comes with a versatile Dual Mode goBILDA® servo for meeting the needs of a wide variety of projects. However, there’s an à la carte option if you have a different servo in mind.

With Servo (Dual Mode)

Though this kit is compatible with any standard size H25T servo, the house-pick is the goBILDA® Dual Mode ‘Torque’ Servo. This servo gives you two great control options that are entirely different from one another.

In the default ‘feedback’ mode, the servo’s position will be controlled by the signal it receives from a servo controller. This setup is perfect for applications involving predetermined locations or repeatable moves. Feedback mode is an excellent option for surveillance cameras and autonomous robotics applications. The servo can travel up to 300 degrees, given a signal range of 500-2500 µsec. If your servo controller is not able to transmit such a wide range, the Servo Travel Tuner can boost your signal to achieve the full range of the servo.

The servo can be adjusted to ‘continuous’ mode using the Dual Servo Programmer. In continuous mode, the speed and direction of the servo will be controlled by the signal it receives from a servo controller. If you want the servo to run at a constant speed, use a servo controller with a knob or non-spring-return joystick.

à La Carte (No Servo)

If you already have a servo on-hand for this kit, the à la carte “No Servo” option is for you! It gives you all the components and functionality of the base pan system—sans the servo to drive it. All you need to do is make sure the servo of your choice is standard size with an H25T spline.

Attach Your Project

The top plate of the Base Pan Kit attaches to the Servo Hub-Shaft with flathead screws, leaving the top surface flat and clear for the ease of mounting sensors, cameras, and anything else you’d like to rotate. If you plan to build on this kit with goBILDA® components, the top plate offers just the pattern holes you need—or, you can remove it and utilize the 16mm pattern holes of the Servo Hub-Shaft.

The ABS tube, meanwhile, provides enough free space for stowing a battery and receiver next to the servo, allowing for compact installation and full wireless operation!


Weight (No Servo) 383g
Weight (With Dual Mode Servo) 443g
Servo Spline Compatibility H25T
Servo Size Compatibility Standard Size Servos with H25T Spline
No-Load Speed (4.8V) (Dual Mode Servo) 0.25sec/60° (40RPM)
No-Load Speed (6.0V) (Dual Mode Servo) 0.20sec/60° (50RPM)
No-Load Speed (7.4V) (Dual Mode Servo) 0.17sec/60° (60RPM)
Payload (Dual Mode Servo) 6lbs (2.7kg)

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