2303 Series Steel, MOD 0.8 Pinion Gear (6mm D-Bore, 24 Tooth)


This 24 Tooth, MOD 0.8 Steel Pinion Gear rocks a 6mm D-bore for positive drive on 6mm D-profile shafting.

While a 96 tooth MOD 0.8 hub-mount gear is a perfect partner for this gear when you’re building on the goBILDA® pattern and want to create a 4:1 ratio, this gear can mesh with any fellow MOD 0.8 gear to produce an underdrive or overdrive ratio—depending on if you’d like to increase the speed, or maximize torque.

The built-in shim on the bottom of the gear allows you to run this gear up against a bearing without binding the bearing’s inner race.



Weight 17g
Material Steel
Finish Black Zinc-Plated
Tooth Count 24
Gear Pitch MOD 0.8
Pressure Angle 20 Degree

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