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5202 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motor (26.9:1 Ratio, 223 RPM, 3.3 - 5V Encoder)

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This 26.9:1 ratio gear motor runs at a no-load speed of 223RPM when 12VDC is applied.  The Modern Robotics/MATRIX 12VDC Motor driving the gearbox has a relative quadrature encoder mounted to the back that’s able to run on both 3.3V and 5V.  The bullet connectors are a reliable connection style that allows you to easily reverse the polarity to the motor, as well as allows the connector and wires to pass through the ½” holes of the channel even with grommets installed.  While these motors have the goBILDA 16mm pattern on the face, we do offer two convenient adaptors (1206-0016-0001 and 1206-0016-0004) that fasten to the face of the motor so that you can fasten the motor to the Actobotics 0.77” or 1.50” hub pattern.  



*At Nominal Voltage

Voltage (Nominal) 12VDC
Speed (No Load)* 223 RPM
Current (No Load)* 0.25A
Current (Stall)* 9.2A
Torque (Stall)* 530 oz-in (38.0
Gear Ratio 26.9:1
Gear Material Casing: Steel Ring Gear
Stage 1: Steel Gear, Acetal Orbital Gears
Stage 2: Steel Sun Gear, Steel Orbital Gears
Gearbox Style Planetary
Motor Type Brushed DC
Output Shaft Diameter 6mm (0.236”)
Output Shaft Style D-shaft
Electrical Connection 3.5mm FH-MC Bullet Connectors
Wire Length 470mm (including connectors)
Wire Gauge 16AWG
Product Weight 15oz (420g)
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 7 (Rises of Ch A)
Encoder: Cycles Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 188.3 (Rises of Ch A)
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Motor Shaft) 28 (Rises & Falls of Ch A & B)
Encoder: Countable Events Per Revolution (Output Shaft) 753.2 (Rises & Falls of Ch A & B)
Encoder Type Relative, Quadrature
Encoder Sensor Type Magnetic (Hall Effect)

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