5304 Series Saturn Planetary Gear Motor (71.2:1 Ratio, 80mm Length 8mm REX™ Shaft, 260 RPM, 3.3 - 5V Encoder)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA
This is NOT competition legal in the FIRST® Tech Challenge. Check out our 5204 Series Yellow Jacket Planetary Gear Motors.

This 71.2:1 ratio 5304 Series Saturn Planetary Gear Motor consists of a 24V brushed DC motor driving a 36mm diameter planetary gearbox. It runs at a no-load speed of 260 RPM when 24VDC is applied. While this motor’s nominal voltage is 24V, you can give it plenty of punch with the ever-convenient 20V power tool battery system!

The positive drive 8mm REX shaft, which can be supported by an 8mm round bore bearing, has compatibility with a huge variety of goBILDA® motion components. Additionally, this motor’s specially-designed gearbox head allows for direct attachment to goBILDA® components in numerous use-cases made possible by its convenient shape.

The two power wires provide plug-and-play compatibility with goBILDA® motor controllers via 3.5 bullet connectors. You don’t need to use the encoder during normal operation, but you can tap into it with a JST XH plug to bring position and velocity control to your project.

⚠️WARNING: Stalling this motor may cause irreparable damage!This motor is extremely high-power. Use extreme caution when using it in applications with hard limits, such as linear slides and rotating arms.


Motor Size RS-560
Motor Type Brushed DC
Nominal Voltage 24VDC
Output Shaft 8mm REX™, 23.5mm Length
Gearbox Style Planetary
Nominal Gear Ratio 71.2:1
Gear Ratio Formula (1+(46/17)) * (1+(46/17)) * (1+(46/11))
Gear Material Steel
Wire Length 470mm (including connectors)
Wire Gauge 18AWG
Motor Connector Type 3.5mm FH-MC Bullet Connectors
No-Load Speed

130 RPM @ 12VDC
230 RPM @ 20VDC
260 RPM @ 24VDC

No-Load Current

0.8A @ 12VDC
1A @ 20VDC
1.3A @ 24VDC

Stall Torque

2000 oz-in (144 kg.cm) @ 12VDC
2720 oz-in (196 kg.cm) @ 20VDC
3447 oz-in (248 kg.cm) @ 24VDC

Stall Current

30A @ 12VDC
45A @ 20VDC
60A @ 24VDC

Maximum Duty-Cycle at Rated Torque 25% on, 75% off (Maximum 15 minutes Continuous)
Rated Torque

358 oz-in (25.8 kg.cm) @ 12VDC
490 oz-in (35.2 kg.cm) @ 20VDC
619 oz-in (44.6 kg.cm) @ 24VDC

Speed at Rated Torque

107 RPM @ 12VDC
189 RPM @ 20VDC
213 RPM @ 24VDC

Current Draw at Rated Torque

6A @ 12VDC
8A @ 20VDC
11A @ 24VDC

Encoder Type Relative, Quadrature
Encoder Sensor Type Magnetic (Hall Effect)
Encoder Voltage Range 3.3-5VDC
Encoder Resolution 1993.6 PPR at the Output Shaft
Encoder Resolution Formula (1+(46/17)) * (1+(46/17)) * (1+(46/11)) * 28
Encoder Connector Type 4-Pos JST XH [FH-MC]
Weight 555g
IP Patented

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