goBILDA 4103 Series goTUBE

goTUBE is lightweight, rigid and versatile. The threaded holes on the goBILDA 16mm pattern make it easy to use as a structure component. However, those same holes can be used to attach a gear, sprocket, or pulley while the 32mm OD of the tube rides in bearings, making this a very valid motion component.

Structure Accessories

goTUBE easily connects to the rest of your goBILDA® build. These components are some of the most commonly used in conjunction with goTUBE.

Motion Accessories (External)

Slide goTUBE through the 32mm diameter bore of these components to make your motion assembly.

Motion Accessories (End)

Use the 16mm goBILDA pattern in these components to fasten them directly to the end of goTUBE.

Motion Accessories (Internal)

The square + circle shaped bore of goTUBE pulls double duty. The 14mm diameter circle allows it to accept 14mm OD flanged bearings so that you can use goTUBE as a bearing carrier to support an internal shaft. The square portion of the shape accepts a 12mm square lead screw nut. The square shape prevents the nut from rotating so that rotating the lead screw causes the nut to travel linearly.


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