Servo-Driven Gear Rack Kit (24lb Thrust, 5.7 in/sec, Single Gear Rack)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This Servo-Driven Gear Rack Kit creates linear motion using a servo. With an impressive thrust spec that’s almost unbelievable compared to its overall compactness, this kit is a fantastic way to implement back-and-forth motion in your project.

This kit is driven by a 5-Turn Dual Mode Speed Servo that gives the kit its nominal 24lb Thrust, 5.7 in/sec speed specs. Five other options are available across the Single and Dual Gear Rack families. Both families offer three choices of servos that each provide different thrust and speed specs.

The single gear rack is fastened to a Square Beam that allows for a huge variety of attachment options via threaded holes on the goBILDA® 16mm linear pattern. The included U-Channel structure, meanwhile, provides a multitude of mounting possibilities. Aside from utilizing the build-system-wide attachment possibilities of the goBILDA® 16mm square pattern thru holes and 14mm center holes in the kit’s included U-Channel, you can also swap out either or both of the included channel with a same-Series channel length of your choice.

Tools Required:

Kit Contents:

1 1106-0041-0328 1106 Series Square Beam (41 Hole, 328mm Length)
1 1120-0001-0048 1120 Series U-Channel (1 Hole, 48mm Length)
1 1121-0001-0048 1121 Series Low-Side U-Channel (1 Hole, 48mm Length)
1 1133-0001-0001 1133 Series Plastic Flat Grid Bracket (1-1) - 2 Pack
1 1802-0043-0001 1802 Series Servo Frame (43mm Width, for Standard Size Servos)
1 2000-0025-0503 2000 Series 5-Turn, Dual Mode Servo (25-3, Speed)
1 2305-0025-0024 2305 Series Brass, MOD 0.8, Servo Gear (25 Tooth Spline, 24 Tooth)
1 2311-0001-0118 Acetal MOD 0.8 Gear Rack (118 Tooth, 41 Hole)
1 2800-0004-0012 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 12mm Length) - 25 Pack
1 2800-0004-0018 2800 Series Zinc-Plated Steel Socket Head Screw (M4 x 0.7mm, 18mm Length) - 25 Pack
1 2812-0004-0007 M4 x 0.7mm Nylock Nut (25 Pack)


Weight 245g (8.6oz)
Servo Included 2000-0025-0503
PWM Range to Achieve Full Travel 700 - 2300μsec
Travel per µsec 0.15 mm/µsec
Pulse Amplitude 3-5V
Deadband Width 4µsec
Motor Type Brushed DC
Voltage Range 4.8V~7.4V
No-Load Speed (4.8V) 90 mm/sec (3.54 in/sec)
No-Load Speed (6V) 115 mm/sec (4.53 in/sec)
No-Load Speed (7.4V) 145 mm/sec (5.71 in/sec)
Speed at Peak Output Power (4.8V) 45 mm/sec (1.77 in/sec)
Speed at Peak Output Power (6V) 57 mm/sec (2.26 in/sec)
Speed at Peak Output Power (7.4V) 72 mm/sec (2.85 in/sec)
Stall Thrust (4.8V) 8.3kg (18.3lb)
Stall Thrust (6V) 9.8kg (21.6lb)
Stall Thrust (7.4V) 11kg (24.2lb)
Thrust at Peak Output Power(4.8V) 4.1kg (9.0lb)
Thrust at Peak Output Power(6V) 4.9kg (10.8lb)
Thrust at Peak Output Power(7.4V) 5.6kg (12.3lb)
No-Load Current (4.8V) 190mA
No-Load Current (6V) 200mA
No-Load Current (7.4V) 230mA
Stall Current (4.8V) 2000mA
Stall Current (6V) 2500mA
Stall Current (7.4V) 3000mA
Current at Peak Output Power (4.8V) 1000mA
Current at Peak Output Power (6V) 1250 mA
Current at Peak Output Power (7.4V) 1500mA

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