Servo Extension via CAT6 (Sending Board)

SKU: Build System: goBILDA

This board takes a servo signal from an RC receiver or other source and sends it through a CAT6 cable via an RJ45 port. This Sending Board is the counterpart to the Receiving Board (3116-4527-0001). The two can be purchased together as 3802-2745-4527.


Ethernet Cables: While CAT6 is the recommeded cable, the RJ45 connector this Servo Extension uses is also compatible with CAT5, CAT5e, CAT6a, and CAT8 cables.

RC Receivers: This Servo Extension is compatible with any receiver which uses a PWM signal. That's just about any receiver in the hobby or small-medium robotics industries.

Actobotics Electronics: While this Sending Board uses CAT6, it utilizes a newer protocol than Actobotics CAT6 boards (605102, 605103, and 902MSD), making them incompatible with each other.


Weight 23g (0.81oz)
Recommended Voltage Range 6V - 15V
Max Voltage Range 3.3V - 18V
Signal Channels 4
Max Current (When powered at Receiving Board) 16A Total (4A per Channel)
Max Current over CAT6 (When powered at Sending Board) 4A Total
Servo Compatibility Analog & Digital
Maximum Recommended Ethernet Cable Length 100ft (30M)
Power Compatibility TJC8, XT30, 3mm Solder Holes

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